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Matt Witten, D.M.A. - Contemporary Musican: Music

Per Nørgård's Waves (Live Faculty Recital - Rowan University

(Matt Witten)
Live faculty recital at Rowan University, Pfleeger Concert Hall, a few years ago.

Schwantner Velocities (Live - Kilbourn Hall)

Paramo - Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon (Rec. ESM Room 120)

(Matt, Arthur, Dieter, Hannah, Albhe, Diedre, Chester, and Reuben)

Mechanical Toccata - Jung Sun Kang (Live - Kilbourn Hall)

(Matt Witten, Jung Sun Kang, Ross Lafleur, Andrew Liebermann and Reuben Blundell-conductor)

Xenakis - Rebonds A (Live - Kilbourn Hall)

(Matt Witten)
Ah live performance, only then do drums start sponateously vibrating away from you on stage.

Xenakis - Rebonds B (Live - Kilbourn Hall)