Rochester 2015 Fringe Festival - Matt Witten - Stockhausen's "Himmels-Tür"

Stockhausen's "Himmels-Tür" - Rochester 2015 Fringe Festival - Lyric Theatre, 440 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

Matt Witten will perform the Rochester premiere of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s mammoth work “Himmels-Tür” (“Heaven’s Door”). This piece is extremely provocative, unusual and unique. Matt will play a 7 foot door, by “knocking, beating, battering, and drumming, while being cautious, entreating, restless, demanding, dancing, humorous, reproachful, impatient, disappointed, impudent, excited and angry.” Will the door open? What’s on the other side? You’ll have to come see for yourself…